Something different

Creations from LTK that you deserve.

Cake artistry

We believe that cake should not just look good, it should taste great too.

Soy wax candles

Uniquely blended fragrances merged with environmentally kind soy wax.

Warm Spices

crunchy dukkah for dipping or sprinkling

Wedding cakes

Wedding Cakes

Lemon Tree Kitchen can create your perfect wedding cake. From a simple design with florals, to a bespoke towering cake with cascading seasonal flowers.

Tastings can be arranged by appointment to help you select your flavours and to talk through all details for ordering your wedding cake. Or you can book a tasting box to take away.

Email your wedding cake enquiry to:

Custom Cakes


"As I said, the cake was spectacular and the taste over the moon. "

"A BIG 🦋Butterfly Thank You to Nicola Topping @Lemontreekitchen for making this Magical Cake!!!"

All about LTK

In a small, humble kitchen, with a big old lemon tree growing out back, simple ingredients are artfully merged to create show stopping, towering cakes, cookies and slabs; home grown vegetables are crafted into delicious condiments, fragrant, natural soy candles are blended and poured into glass jars; warm spices and nuts are merged for delicious dukkah.

It seemed a shame to keep all this goodness to ourselves. With more and more requests for these hand-crafted products, we felt the overwhelming need to spread the love.

LTK's range of products are hand-crafted with care and respect from ethically sourced, sustainable, fresh, quality ingredients.

There is plenty more to come, we're bursting with gorgeous ideas for what we can create in our Lemon Tree Kitchen. 

Recycling is an important way to minimise our impact on this earth. Bring back your glass and we'll reuse it.

It's all good

Hand crafted natural products, cakes, cookies and condiments made with care and respect. 

Custom Cakes

Customised cakes can be made for all occasions. Kids parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, baby showers,